Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Melaka MITC Labour Day Good Response!

Left: Repeating customers that bought a dozen of soaps
and 6 bottles of #13HerbsHairShampoo and #MBA
Right: Repeat customer from my booth front

Repeat customers.
Right : Bought 12 bottles of #MBA #MillionBalmAjaib

Repeat customers

Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers.
Right: Came back for #LipasRepellent. They bought
from my previous expo in January 2015

Left: Came back to buy 10pcs of  #WhiteningFacialSoap
Right is my repeating customers from previous expo

Left: Stock up #LipasRepellent
Right: Bought 2 dozens to stock up.

Repeating customers

Repeating Customers

Left: My very supportive regular users. Thank You!
Right: Repeat user of  #LipasRepellent

Repeating customers.
Right: This boss bought 2 dozens and also came back
on the last day to buy another dozen to stock up!
Thank you for believing #CHTSabunAjaib

Repeating customers
Right: #LipasRepellent repeating customers

This kid love my #MBA #MillionBalmAjaib and
his parents told me he has been using the balm since he tried!

Repeating users

Repeating users

Left: Regular user of #CHTSabunAjaib
Right: Repeat customers for #LipasRepellent

Repeating customers

#LipasRepellent repeating customers

Repeating customers of #MBA #MillionBalmAjaib

Repeating customers

#LipasRepellent users

Stock a lot of #CHTSabunAjaib

   There are so many repeat users from Melaka and I would like to thank you for believing in me and CHT products when I firstly introduce my #CHTSabunAjaib to you.

   And I know too that you all are following my blogspot to know my whereabouts.

   This is the first time I didn't sms blasting my long list of customers @ Melaka. Usually I do sms blasting to let regular users that sms/call me to ask bout my products.

   I do ask my repeating customers how you all know I am in Melaka as I only informed them that I will be in Melaka in June 2015. They received "winds" from friends & relatives, follow my blogspot and FB. Well, I am so happy to hear this! Thank You!

    They are still many more camera shy customers, like a Malay couple that bought RM550 worth of CHTSabunAjaib! Yup, its u! I know you are reading this. Thank you for helping me promote my soap!