Friday, August 07, 2015

CHT Set The Benchmark For Mosquitoes Repellent

   CHT is setting the benchmark for Mosquitoes Repellent in the market nowadays. 

#Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent 
* Long lasting above 8 hours!
* Still functional if sweating or after sweat!
* Non sticky when sweating.
* Smell good factor (kids also love it!) compare to other brands.
* Roll On Type.
* Cheap & Functional!

CHT customers tested and loved it! You must try too. 

~ For babies below 5 years old, can apply to the clothes, baby swing, shoes etc.

Method #3) Applied on cloth type curtain gap to prevent mosquitoes coming in.

Method #2) Applied at baby sling to prevent mosquitoes entering to bite our lovely baby. G6PD and Asthmatic also can smell.

Method #1) Shake a few drops into diffuser as whole room mosquitoes repeller. Smell good too. 

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Bought 1 dozen after tested the effectiveness!
Mr Lim back for more in KK Imago