Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Melaka FAMEX 2015: Incredible The Pictures!

Left: Tested #Herbaniq #MosquitoesRepellent on first day,
came back for 1 dozen! She said never bought before so long
lasting mosquitoes repellent.
Right: 3 dozens of #CHTSabunAjaib bought!

You see!!!! Bought in cartons!
And bulks! Save a lot!

Repeating customers

Familiar faces, right? Thank you!

A Dozen buyers 

A dozen bought! TQ! My last customer in FAMEX 2015

Left: Came back for #13HerbsHairShampoo
Right: Previous Expo bought #LipasRepellent, now buy more

#LipasRepellent repeating customers

Left: Previous expo, recommended Pimples set. Came back
for more.
Right: Familiar face. TQ

Left: Repeating customers of MBA and soap
Right: Bought 1 dozen of #Herbaniq #PimplesCream,
previous expo tried the pimples cream set. Pimples
totally gone! Now buy for own use, relatives & friends.
Ppl will ask if they r curious when ur face suddenly cured!

Repeating customers

Repeating users

Familiar faces. U will see them when u browse thru
Melaka Expos. I love to take my regulars pics.

Another carton!

One big happy family!

Whole family is using now

Love the #LipasRepellent

Repeating customers

   This time FAMEX 2015 clashed with the BERSIH 4.0 causing drop of visitors to this event but luckily I have my regular customers came to support me. Thank You!