Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Post KL MidValley IT Expo Pics

Left: Kak Nurul with 1 ctn soap.
Right: Came all the way from Seremban to top up more.
Bought in Seremban 10 days ago. Winner of Axia. Remember?

Familiar faces. TQ so much

Back for more!

Repeat Customers
Right: Mr Ding, 13 Herbs Hair User & now an agent

Repeating customers
Left: Came back to try Acne Soap, #Herbaniq Pimple Cream
on top of the dozen #CHTSabunAjaib

Regular users now

Left: Tested #GingerLotion the day before on his wife leg.
Came back to buy. From UAE.
Right: Users that bought from Tesco Halal Department
Back for a dozen #CHTSabunAjaib #AloeVera-ed

Left: Repeating customer of #GingerLotion
Right: Repeating customer of #LipasRepellent

Regular users. Thank you!

All the way from Seremban too! Thank you for the
support, Grace and Andrew!

Left: The aunty in white shirt previous night came to buy
#whiteningsoap and today brought her sister to top up
Right: Tested and back for more! TQ

Repeating customers!