Sunday, May 20, 2012

Please Recycled

recycle the CHT casing & sticker

   CHT as a member of Cleaner Greener Penang, we are committed to make our earth greener.

   You as users of CHT famous handmade soap in Northern Region aka Sabun Ajaib, CHT hope users can send the casings, stickers and packings to recycling centre nationwide.

   The casing and sticker now is PVC recyclable and the paper packing is also recyclable.

   Please help our Earth green. CHT always take the initiative towards green initiatives and CHT hope users also contribute to greener Earth. CHT soap are all natural and Earth friendly too.

CHT Green Mission Statement " Go Green, Go Natural; Save Earth The CHT Way!"

Enjoy the soap while the earth enjoy too.

recycle the CHT paper packing