Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sabah & Sarawak ! Here We Come !

arranging for display set

Display set

display set awaiting wrapping

wrapping process
cartons ready for shipment
   CHT is preparing to penetrate into East Malaysia market with first trial shipment of 1200pcs of 60gm soap and 3000pcs of FREE Samples.

  CHT set pricing of RM13.90 per bar of the famous handmade soap in East Malaysia for Intro purpose.
  From end of June 2012, CHT soaps will be available at stores in KK Sabah and Kuching Sarawak.

   CHT will update the location listings after the Exclusive State Distributor provide me the details.

   So, loyal users in East Malaysia, you will save the high cost of courier service from July onward, as you don't need to order from our HQ anymore.

   Sabah and Sarawak! Here we come!