Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beauty Expo MidValley Day2

Kak Nurul came back for more Lipas Repellent and
CHT Sabun Ajaib. 

Left pic: Bought before at Matrade Expo and back for more
CHT products. Found me in KL thru my blogspot!
Right pic: Bought before during Mines Book Expo, CHT
Sabun Ajaib c/w free MBA 4g. Found it very good &
recommend to his family. Came back to buy 10 large
MBA 17g! Found me thru my FB page!

Repeat users! The lady recommend to visiting guests
and they try after hearing the lady comments! Thanks Sis!

Remember the good looking center guy? Took pic with him
during Mines Book Expo. Came back to buy more! The guy
on the right, yesterday came to buy more! They are friends!
Now their friend on the right also become CHT user.
Thanks Bro!
   Though today not much people visiting the Beauty Expo, CHT Booth 357 received lot of regular customers. Came back for more and a lot are camera shy too.
   The best part, they recommend to visiting customers and convinced them to try CHT products especially CHT Sabun Ajaib, Million Balm Ajaib and Lipas Repellent. They also start to try other CHT products like CHT 13 Herbs Hair Shampoo and CHT Ginger Lotion Ajaib.
   Tomorrow last day. CHT Booth will start closing from 6pm. Please come early if you plan to come over on the last day! 
   Thanks. See ya.