Sunday, March 30, 2014

MidValley Beauty Expo: Last Day Good Response

Bought 10pcs each family.
Also try out CHT Ginger Lotion Ajaib.

Cool guys! The lady bought online before. Came back for
more after knowing I am in MidValley.
Right pic: Bought before in PWTC and bump into
me again in MidValley. Buy more of course!

Left pic: Familiar faces. Right pic: Yesterday try MBA on his
really swollen thumb without buying. Today came to buy
large MBA! Thumb no more swollen! Thanks for the thumb up!

Right pic: The cook with sensitive skin try CHT Sabun Ajaib
yesterday and today come to buy more. I dun understand
his language but manage to let him understand my soap.

Left pic: Came back to buy Lipas Repellent. Bought previously
at MidValley too.(Malaysia Expo). Right pic: Familiar faces.
Thanks for the thumbs up!
   Busy day on last day of Beauty Expo in MidValley. For new users, please buy from MidValley inside AEON BIG, Alpro Pharmacy.
   Thanks for the support.