Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kota Bharu Roadshow 2015

Lipas Repellent Repeat Users from last year CHT Roadshow

Left: Repeat User of Lipas Repellent from last year roadshow
Right: #CHTSabunAjaib repeat users

Left: Tested and came back to buy for his sister! No more itch!
Right: Repeat user from last year expo

Left: Tested #MBA; MillionBalmAjaib for his resdung
and came back to buy 3 bottles of MBA
Right: The kids just love the soap!

Left: Repeat user of #NIRA Natural Insect Repellent Ajaib
Right: Repeat user of #CHTSabunAjaib

Cikgu Zila came back to buy the #CHTSabunAjaib because
their daughter head lice just fell off when they washed
her hair, just like the way I taught them.
Thank you for believing

The lady is a lecturer in USM Kubang Kerian and always
recommended #CHTSabunAjaib to her students with
pimples. Her family is now CHT SabunAjaib regular users.
Always stock up from a well known shop in KB called
Cina Cabang, that stock our soap!