Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ginger Orange Magic Lotion

Choice Formulation of Ginger and Orange which provides prolonged warming sensation on applied areas with delectable Orange smells. 

Apply at your desired location and gently massage till absorbed. No need to heavy massage (urut). 

Do not apply to babies or kids below 10 years old. The kids cannot withstand the warming sensations! And pregnant ladies cannot apply on tummy area (afraid babies in tummy cannot withstand the warming sensation).
***Remember to wash hands after application.***

* A lot of Athletic (badminton) or hill hiking seniors use Ginger Orange Lotion AJAIB (GOLA) to apply before sports to prevent muscle cramps.
* For seniors knee pain. Apply before going out so that can walk better.
* After baby delivery, good as tummy massage.

A lot of people love this Ginger Orange Lotion and came back for more! A bottle will last you very long.

Wash with Ginger Orange Soap before applying Ginger Orange Lotion will give you very satisfying results!


Ginger Orange Magic Lotion Supporters!  
Bought 6 bottles of Ginger Orange Lotion before going back Taiwan.
The ladies said the long lasting "hotness" is best for Taiwan
cool climax during winter.