Friday, August 14, 2015

Pimples Cream Set

HerbaNIQ Pimples Cream set : 

Specially formulated for acne/pimples prone area on the face, upper back shoulder area and front. 

1) Lather on affected area and rinse off for the first time.
2) Lather again and wait for 1 or 2 mins before rinsing. Curing process.
3) Dry gently. 
4) Apply thin layer of Pimples cream on the affected area.
5) If you have big acne(jerawat batu), apply MBA(Million Balm Ajaib) on it only after applications of Pimples Cream.

Its advisable not to use scrub so often. And find moisturizer or essence or sunblock that is not so oily if you have routine applications.

My advice to pimples/acne prone people:
1) Consume more vegetables, fruits and water.
2) Beauty sleeping time is 10pm to 2am.
3) Sambal belacan or peanuts , please reduce.
4) If you like fried, chocolate, durian or heaty food; after consumed, please drink more plain water.

Good luck! 2 to 3 weeks proven results if using pimples cream set.
And the good news is , will lighten pimples/acne scar too!

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1 week result